About Loadbugs

Now you can safely say your goodbyes to lengthy delivery processes and say hello to LoadBugs! We are a courier service company that takes prides in our core values, which are efficiency and safety. Our aim is to help independent brands expand parameters to their consumers and to provide them with a friendly, efficient, and trustworthy courier service. LoadBugs is pleased to present you with its E-commerce Domestic services and solutions, which enable businesses to sell products and services online, conveniently and reliably. We deliver online orders placed on our website to customers locally in the Greater Cairo area, Giza and Alexandria.


LoadBugs provides your company with delivery service in Egypt; supported by the features below:

  • Dedicated customer relationship team.
  • Facilitating COD service.
  • Ability to integrate LoadBugs systems with your website.
  • Web based tracking for the shipments.
  • Secured Facilities.

Pre-Dispatch Procedure

LoadBugs will provide your company with forms of pre-dispatch procedures:

  • Orders manually entered on LoadBugs.com.
  • A sample Excel sheet directly uploaded to LoadBugs.com.

Your company should follow the Sample Excel sheet below in order to be uploaded to LoadBugs.com.

Please keep in mind, the "Amount" column in your excel sheet should include your merchandise price in addition to the flat shipping rate which constitute our delivery fees, i.e. if your product costs 200 and your flat rate is 50 EGP, you should place 250 in the "Amount" box


  • A LoadBugs courier will call your company once you upload the orders online to mutually agree on a pickup time.
  • On arrival, a uniformed LoadBugs courier will collect all shipments uploaded to LoadBugs.com.
  • When your company requires LoadBugs to do more than one collection on a given business day, you need to inform LoadBugs of the same to be arranged.

Transit Time

Shipments will arrive to destinations as per the agreed transit time:
  • One to two day for orders within Cairo, Giza, 6th of October, New Cairo, Madinaty, Obour City, Sherouq City and 5th of May.
  • One to three days for orders from Cairo to Alexandria

At LoadBugs Destination

Shipments that are sent to the LoadBugs facility and pass through the following:
  • All shipments tracking will be recorded.
  • All shipments with clear addresses will be sorted as per LoadBugs sorting areas.
  • All Shipments will go through a calling process where each customer will be contacted 3 times for 3 consecutive working days to verify the address and agree on a delivery time.
  • Upon capturing the delivery address of the customer, the shipment will be sorted according to the area to go out for delivery as per the agreed time with the customer.

Delivery Process

  • When arriving at the given address; the courier will capture the consignee name and signature, in addition to the time of delivery. The courier will also collect the COD amount.
  • The courier will obtain the signature of the consignee.
  • The obtained data will be compiled for future inspection.
  • LoadBugs provides you with real-time update of all shipments statuses at any stage from the time they leave your company until they get delivered.

COD Management

COD (Cash on Delivery) service is a service where the cost of shipped goods is collected from consignee at the time of delivery
  • Upon delivery, the courier will collect the amount of cash for the delivered shipment(s).
  • The cash amount will be settled to customer’s accounting department on an agreed day either weekly or monthly.
  • Your company will have access to cash reports through LoadBugs.com.
  • LoadBugs will generate internal audits to make sure all delivered shipments are updated on COD System.
  • The payment could be delivered to you weekly or monthly, depending on your preference. Our payment policy is cash only.

Shipments Holding Period

LoadBugs will have different types of undelivered shipments:
  • Consignee refuses the shipment and requires the order to be cancelled.
  • LoadBugs could not reach the consignee on the provided telephone numbers in the 3 different attempts.
  • Consignee asks to hold the shipment as s/he is out of country.
  • Cash is not yet ready with consignee
Upon completion of all the 3 consecutive attempts, LoadBugs will notify your company of the last status of these shipments.

Returns Process

  • LoadBugs will contact your company of any cancelled orders to discuss the future procedure related to your deliveries.
  • LoadBugs will follow up with their drivers and instruct them to return back shipments.
  • LoadBugs will deliver the returned shipments to your company’s warehouse (or agreed on location) and obtain the name and signature on the delivery manifest sheet for each returned shipment.
  • LoadBugs will apply return charges on the customer in addition to the original shipping charges.


LoadBugs provides you with the ability to check the latest status of your customers’ shipments (shipped, client didn’t answer, delivered…) through the “Shipments Status” available on your LoadBugs.com account.
  • A cash report can be accessed through your LoadBugs.com account.
  • LoadBugs can provide you with shipping reconciliation report upon request.